About us

The enterprising HENG MEI metal products co., LTD. Is a multi-functional furniture enterprise integrating r&d, production, sales and service, which can provide the design of mould
Production, magnesium alloy parts precision die-casting, polishing, polishing, mechanical processing and surface spraying processing of the professional manufacturing services. Main production and processing hall
Chairs, desks and chairs, airport chairs and related furniture accessories, such as magnesium alloy die casting products, have the advantages of light weight and good strength, but can replace aluminum alloy products.
With product reform and progress as its own responsibility, we aim to manufacture and sell world-class multi-functional furniture products, and adhere to high quality, high requirements and high standards
The product line, continuous innovation, keep improving, continue to introduce the practical, personalized furniture products, show the new era contracted style, to create fashionable and modern, inside
External and repair, high quality, efficient living space. The company strictly adheres to the iso 9001 international quality standard, and has absorbed the production experience of world-renowned manufacturers.
In the style and quality of products, we constantly develop and innovate, focusing on creating "HENG MEI" furniture brand.